Gourmet Food

The Low Down on gourmet food

Have you seen wholesale gourmet foods advertised online and wondered just what gourmet food is? To be gourmet is simply to love tasting. The presentation of food should be as pleasing to the eyes as it is to your taste buds. To eat gourmet food is to eat food for pleasure.

Gourmet cooking is more accessible to most home chefs with the expansion of global commerce and the advent of refrigeration. Ingredients that were once rare in certain places are now widely available. Chefs and home cooks are realizing that the barriers existing between them and gourmet foods are minimal.

Definition of gourmet food

There is no exact definition of gourmet food. Some external factors may influence whether a meal is considered to be “gourmet.

In short, gourmet food can be any rare or high-quality food that’s presented pleasingly and prepared to deliver exquisite taste.

It is important to understand that ingredients that are hard to cultivate or rare on one continent and considered gourmet can be very common on another. For example, various grains such as quinoa, common in South America, have started to grace dinner tables throughout the world. 10 years ago, quinoa was a gourmet food – now it is commonplace in Australia.

What makes something gourmet?

Is it the wholesale gourmet food suppliers that determine whether food is gourmet or it is the customers? Well, to be gourmet is to have a combination of rare or special ingredients, to have it prepared to the highest culinary standards, and to be presented on the plate in a pleasing offering to a diner.

For example, gourmet food in Australia wouldn’t be prepared from Angus beef but the finest Wagyu beef from Japan. This beef should then be prepared in a way worthy of a skilled chef instead of a common line cook and presented in style with a flourish.

The Wagyu beef from Japan would then be served with a delicious sauce that is drizzled with a wealth of flavour in every bite. Home chefs don’t have to prepare these sauces and stocks from the animal bones in modern kitchens. What was days or hours standing over stockpots, turning ingredients into small molecules of flavour, don’t need to take hours of someone’s time. This is just one example of classic gourmet cooking.

Lemon dill salmon

Lemon is king in gourmet seafood dishes. Traditionally, a chef would prepare a perfect sauce known as the fruit of the sea or du fruits de Mer to use as the base of a lemon dill sauce. The food is then steamed using wine, fish stock, and lemon juice and then serviced with the best lemon dill cream sauce. This sauce is a combination of lemon, butter and cream with a mixture of spices and herbs.

Now that you have a clearer understanding of gourmet food, you will understand those wholesale gourmet foods adverts.

Written by Guest Lifestyle Writer, Leo Magoulas