Private jet

Different ways private aviation has become the new normal

Nowadays, if you are looking for the right private jet charter, there is no need to worry since the process of booking a private jet has been simplified. There are also a lot of charter companies that you can choose from both domestically and internationally. While this is normal, if you look at the aviation industry some years back, you will realize that things were different in the past. So why the abrupt change? Here are some reasons why private jet aviation is much more normal nowadays.

Commercial aviation uncertainty

Scheduled airline operations have reduced throughout the pandemic and this has opened the door for more passengers to choose to use private jets. Considering commercial airlines are well below the pre-pandemic normal for this time, those people who need to travel by air continue to opt for the reliability of private jets. In effect, this has attracted an increasing number of first-time passengers.

The shift in consumer behaviour

The increase of private jet users is due to more people learning how to invest their money in comfort and safety. People acknowledge the added value of using private jets to travel. More people have realized that investing their money in the safety of their families and loved ones is one of the most important things in life. That is why private jets are considered to be not just a luxury, but also a choice for people who want a reliable means of travel.

Control and flexibility

Private jet charter services are known for their flexibility. Regaining control of travel itineraries seems a distant reality for people still using commercial flights. Private jets have delivered on this promise throughout this pandemic, granting travellers the power to adapt flights to their schedules. That flexibility has been the differentiating factor for the travel segment since its beginning, although during uncertainty, it has become a safety net for people in need of urgent travel.

High safety standards

Travelling by air is the safest means of transportation, although executive aviation has taken this statement up a notch during this pandemic. With a controlled cabin, fewer touchpoints, and private boarding, the process of flying in a private jet has appealed to thousands of customers and this is because of the lower risk of infection. Private jet service providers have thrived with their messaging to stakeholders, assuring them that flying aboard a private jet is the safest way to travel during the pandemic.

Less international, more domestic

The connection between travel limitations and range is clear – domestic sectors are back to the levels in 2019, while international executive sectors are still well down when contrasted with 2019. This gap should reduce by the end of this year, strongly tied with high vaccination drives in various countries that lead business aviation operations.

Booking a private jet charter is easier than booking a commercial flight, and that is why a lot of travellers prefer private jets – they are also safer.

Written by Guest Lifestyle Contributor Alex Koh.