teens bedroom

Upgrading to a Teens Bedroom

There will come a time when your child outgrows their race car bed, princess themed room, or pirate themed bedroom, and be ready for a more grown-up teens room.

Your teen, or soon-to-be teen, deserves to have some input into their bedroom decor. This room will most likely be with them for a number of years – perhaps even until they move out of home or go to college, so it needs to be a space that they love and that will grow with them.

Kids spend a lot of time in their rooms, and this is even truer for teens. It’s important that their space reflects their personal style and taste. It should nod to their age but be chic and sophisticated enough to see them through the coming years.

Tips for Your Teen’s Bedroom

Involve your kids in the redesign of their room. Make a big deal about it becoming “grown up”. Collaborate with them to create a decor design that they love and that you like too (it is, after all, your home!).

  • Select a basic decor – masculine, feminine, or unisex? Light or dark? Vibrant or neutral? Strongly themed or more subtle? A neutral background allows for changing the look and feel of the room simply as time goes on with wall art, cushions, and other soft furnishings.
  • Invest in a quality bed frame and new mattress if they’ve been using the same one since toddlerhood. Mattresses should be replaced every ten years for health and safety reasons.
  • Include a study area or nook. Every teen requires space in their room to do homework and study. They’ll need a desk and chair, some storage space in the form of a bookcase or drawers. Adequate lighting is crucial. Make this area an integral part of the bedroom but not its main focus.
  • Choose bedding that your child loves and that brings the room decor together. Include some cushions and a throw rug.
  • Every teens bedroom should have, as well as a bed and desk area, a nightstand with a lamp, a bookcase, and a chest of drawers or a dresser, as well as a wardrobe or similar for hanging clothes.

The right design and décor choices for your child will delight them and see them through to adulthood in your home. Look online at sites like Pinterest for inspiration and make the entire process exciting and fun.

Written by Astrid Hunt, Staff Writer at www.WHIA.com.au