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Things to Know About Electric Vehicles

So, you have been following electric vehicle news closely and you think you know everything about electric vehicles. However, you might be knowing very little about EVs than you thought you knew!

Electric vehicles are growing in popularity across the world as their charging infrastructure keeps expanding, battery range keeps increasing, and auto manufacturers unveil a wide range of light truck and car models.

If you still have an outdated idea about electric vehicles, then it is crucial to know that electric vehicle technology has advanced enormously. The EV world keeps on changing.

You might be surprised to learn that everything you thought you knew about electric vehicles was wrong.

Myth: Electric vehicles are too expensive

While it is true that most electric vehicles are more expensive than fuel vehicles of the same power, size and design, the price has been reduced and the long-term cost of owning an electric vehicle is lower than for fuel vehicles. Governments have also worked very hard to reduce the price of electric vehicles by introducing a lot of incentives. In most countries that have been at the forefront of encouraging citizens to buy electric vehicles, people pay fewer taxes when buying electric vehicles compared with when buying fuel-driven vehicles.

Myth: Electric vehicles are too small

When most people want to buy a big vehicle such as a truck, they automatically cross electric vehicles off their list. However, electric vehicle news today shows that bigger electric vehicles are being introduced to the market and they are just as efficient as the smaller versions. Right now, there are larger electric vehicles such as buses and trucks.

Myth: It takes a lot of energy to produce EVs

While it is true that it takes more energy to manufacture an electric vehicle than it takes to manufacture a conventional vehicle, mainly due to the lithium-ion batteries in EVs, over a third of carbon pollution that an EV creates over its lifetime comes from its manufacture. This means that if you look into the lifecycle of the electric vehicle, it creates fewer emissions than gas-powered vehicles.

Myth: EVs aren’t better for the environment since they use electricity that comes from fossil fuels

This statement might be true, depending on the source of electricity you use to charge your electric vehicle. However, a lot of countries are introducing renewable energy such as wind electricity, hydroelectric power, tidal energy and so on. This means that if you use green electricity to charge your battery, you don’t harm the environment. Furthermore, most electric vehicles do not have tailpipes and do not spew the smog-forming pollution in congested cities like their gas-powered counterparts.

Myth: There are not enough charging stations for EVs

Electric vehicle news reports that more charging stations for EVs are being constructed with some owners building their charging stations at home and office premises.

Consider an EV for your next vehicle – you’ll do yourself and the environment a big favour!

Written by WHIA Staff Writer Kate Vosburgh