Kitchen knives

Nakiri kitchen knives – an essential kitchen utensil

A collection of Japanese kitchen knives, including the fantastic Nakiri knife, is a wonderful thing to have, as a new chef, an aspiring chef, or a regular home cook. Japanese knife designs and craftsmanship date back centuries, but are modern and on-trend. The knives do their jobs brilliantly. They slice, chop, dice, cut, mince and more, efficiently and professionally. Japanese knives last a lifetime, although a knife sharpener is always a good addition to a kitchen too.

Why choose Japanese knives?

The reason to choose Japanese kitchen knives is simply that they are the best knives on the market. Yes, a Japanese knife is more expensive than a run-of-the-mill knife, but it is a knife that is going to make all the difference to your cooking. Japanese knives make the cooking preparation and serving process a pleasure, no matter your skill level.

The Nakiri knife is used for vegetables, for chopping them in that push-pull method. The flat edge of the knife lightly touches the chopping board as you cook, chopping or slicing perfectly, with no fibres, no bits still attached – just sharp, clear, clean slices.

Which Japanese knife to choose

If you are a new cook in Australia as well as around the world and just starting, or you are an established cook, start with an all-around Japanese Chef’s knife. This is a knife that is brilliant in quality and will last a lifetime and can be used for pretty much everything.

Then get any of the specific Japanese kitchen knives that work for you: a poultry knife, or a vegetable knife, depending on what you cook most. Look at the fish knives, the baking knives, or the entire collection. Don’t hold back! These really are the best knives in the world and will last a lifetime when cared for appropriately.

Specifics of a Japanese kitchen knife

When you buy an authentic Japanese knife in Australia, you will get all the measurements and specifics of the knife. Don’t worry too much about these, unless you are a Top Chef. Buy the knife for the purpose you intend to use it for. If it’s veggies, get the Nakiri knife. If it is poultry, get the Deba knife. But don’t tie yourself down with length and size and weight, unless you want to know every detail. Just find the knife you love, that feels great to use, for yourself or as a gift to someone else, and order it online.

Where to buy a Japanese knife

There are specialist knife shops in Australia and globally and you can buy your knives directly online from specialist knife shops. You will find all the details you need.

Yes, a Japanese knife is expensive but once you have one premium knife, you will never go back! Japanese steel knives are beautiful and they do the job perfectly. The Nakiri knife is always going to be useful, practical, luxurious and magnificent! So what are you waiting for?

Written by Guest Lifestyle Contributor Hirata Sakuyagi.