Why Hiring A Blocked Drain Specialist Is Essential

When it comes to issues with blocked drains or plumbing clogs, you can trust the professionals to fix the problem. There are several blocked drain cleaning professionals to choose from locally to you. While you can try to clear the drain yourself, it can often be difficult to do it properly, and it then becomes important that you hire a professional for this. Apart from normal repair, these specialists also advise you on keeping your drains clean and free from any problems in the future.

Blocked drain specialists have the tools and experience to deal with blocked drains and clear them with ease, without the stress you might experience if you try to do the job yourself. They are well-trained, have the right tools, and can solve sanitation and sewage problems. Workers who specialize in removing blockages become experts through apprenticeship and training.

The major services offered by a blocked drain specialist are:

  1. Drain Inspection: If you suspect something is wrong with your drains, don’t wait until it becomes a major issue. To assess the condition of the pipes, a blocked drain specialist will use advanced CCTV drain camera technology to conduct a drain inspection. A simple way to find any gashes, rifts, clogs and jams in your home or business’s plumbing and drainage system.
  • Checking On Water Pressure: Just like a cold shower, no one enjoys weak water pressure in their shower. It is quite frustrating when you jump into the shower for a quick rinse, and the water dribbles out of the showerhead. After experiencing low water pressure for an extended period, it’s time for you to contact a blocked drain specialist to perform a full assessment of your water system and check for possible jams.
  • Drainage Cleaning: A blocked drain specialist will use drain jetting technology to clear a blockage in your piping. The blockage is dislodged by slamming high-pressure water down the drain. As soon as the blockage has been opened, the drainage professional will use the CCTV drain cameras again to ensure that the blockage has been cleared completely and check for any damage to pipes.
  • Detection of any Leakage in Water Pipes: Among the most unreasonable, widespread, and difficult-to-detect drainage issues are water leaks. Also, you may have to pay higher water bills because of more water consumption due to an ongoing leak.

Using acoustic leak detection equipment, blocked drain specialists can accurately, quickly, and easily locate the source of a burst water pipe or a water leak. The cause of the problem will be excavated, and your drainage professional will offer a solution to rehabilitate your drainage system.

  • Checking On Broken and Cracked Pipes: There is a possibility that the blockage may have harmed your piping. The ‘pipe relining’ technique can be used if your blocked drain specialist determines that your piping needs to be refurbished.

It used to be necessary to excavate and dig excessively to get to a pipe to rebuild it. A large amount of physical labour and high costs were required, as well as structural risks. Modern relining technology involves placing an epoxy liner inside an existing pipe. This creates a completely new and structurally sound ‘pipe within a pipe.’ Repairing pipes with this method is quick, effective, and cost-efficient.


As you can see, hiring a blocked drain expert has its benefits.

You must also do your bit to avoid issues developing in the first place. For example, do not pour oil or fat into your sink; ensure that you do not flush nappies or sanitary items down the toilet. These will ultimately cause a clogged drain.

A blocked drain specialist can lend you the best suggestion on how to sustain your drainage system and how to properly dispose of the home garbage so that you don’t have to face any sort of issues of drainage repair in the future.

Written by Business Guest Contributor Jack Louis