A trusted mechanic is one of the best contacts to have!

We have all needed a car mechanic at some point or another. If it is an urgent situation, then we also know that unless we already have a trusted mechanic, we scramble trying to get hold of a good mechanic. In the same way that you have a trusted electrician, plumber, dentist, and doctor, you should have a trusted mechanic in your repertoire as well.

  • When your battery is flat in the morning, before you do the school run, call your mechanic.
  • When your tyres seem out of alignment and you know something is wrong, call your mechanic.
  • And if you haven’t serviced your car in a long time and you know you are way overdue, call your mechanic.
  • A good mechanic will help with all car problems and will help you avoid issues as well.

Finding a reputable mechanic

Ask your friends if they have contacts for a car mechanic near you. If they drive cars, chances are some of them will have a good one.

Being a mechanic is a good job as mechanics are always in demand. The trick is to find a good mechanic, which is why you should always look at reviews. If you are having a car emergency, sure, you can call up the first mechanic you find and hopefully they can help you. But if you have time to plan things and you know that your car is going to need a bit of tender loving care, do your homework. Find the right mechanic. Chat to other people and also ask on community social platforms for referrals. This is often the best way to find someone good in the service industry.

Your car is making a noise

What do you do when your car is making weird noises? The first thing is to not ignore it. If you think something is wrong with your car, then chances are youre right. If you still have a warranty or guarantee, obviously get ahold of the original dealership to sort you out. If your car does not have a warranty or a service plan, get hold of a good mechanic. A good mechanic can help you out, usually at a much lower cost than the actual dealership or service department of your particular brand, and quickly too.

A good mechanic must have good industry contacts so they can get parts quickly and without delay.

Just like you have a doctor’s number saved in your phone, have your local mechanic’s number at hand too. If you live in Miranda, for example, use a local car mechanic in Miranda. Get references first, but always get your car fixed or serviced, on time.

Written by Sandra Krol