Wedding Dance

What does it really take to plan a wedding?

Planning a wedding has priorities! Young couples may plan to hire the top DJs in Melbourne CBD before they do much else. They know that good music will make a wedding fantastic – and they want to have a really good DJ. Once they have the music sorted, then they start looking at all the other important things, such as the venue, the best caterers, a good photographer, flowers, decor and more. While other people might prioritise differently, people who love their music and love dancing prioritise the DJ. They ensure that they get the very best, knowing they can relax into a good party or event.

Choosing the right DJ

Just like with every aspect of your party, wedding or event, you need to do thorough research when choosing a DJ. Put thought into the venue that you choose and go and check it out properly before signing on the dotted line. Meet the DJ when you are looking for a DJ for hire and ask all the questions that you need to have answered. Go and listen to a gig if that is going to give you the confidence you need to say: ‘You’re hired!”

Do the same with a photographer. Look at previous work. Get references from other people. Meet the photographer and make quite sure you are happy before signing up. Take your time and make all your decisions with consideration.

The job of a DJ

A DJ has a big job to do. They have to satisfy a crowd which is made up of many different kinds of people and therefore with many different tastes or ideas about what good music is. Some people like to dance to rock, others like electronic music dancing. Some like classical music, some the waltz while others like a little disco. A DJ has to somehow have playlists that will appeal to all. A good DJ knows exactly what music to play to get a party started and they know what music to play to wind a party down. They also know that their job is not just about the music – it is also about making announcements, getting a crowd going, and doing a little MC’ing. Choose a DJ who has experience with weddings.

Cost of a DJ

The costs vary between DJs and the experience they have, and also the kind of crowd they are playing to. A DJ playing to 30000 people is going to charge more than a DJ playing to 300 people. A DJ who has won worldwide competitions is going to charge more than your local wedding party DJ. There is a going rate for weddings and parties so maybe check what that is and then chat to the DJ of your choice.

When you plan a wedding, party or event, you need to factor in the venue, food, refreshments, decor, music and the top DJs Melbourne CBD to really make a party rock.

Written by Lifestyle Guest Contributor Sandra Krol.