Classical Music

The soothing effect of classical music

Some of the best classical music concerts and choir performance are on offer right now  – and it’s a good time to get involved and to really enjoy the music.

Music, especially classical and choral music, has a remarkable effect on the body and the mind. Music is soothing, it is ethereal; it is other-worldly and so relaxing. Being in an audience and merely letting the music wash over you is just beautiful. 

Classical music has been scientifically shown to relax, help with sleep, and lower blood pressure. It makes you more open in general, both physically and emotionally. It eases pain and it even gets parts of your body thinking more acutely. In other words – it is good for you! It’s also just hugely enjoyable to listen to.

Enjoyment of classical music

We sometimes forget to do things simply for the pleasure of doing so. We do yoga because it is good for our body and mind; we do Pilates as it makes us stronger; we do crosswords as our brain sharpens; we run because it keeps us slim and fit, and we eat vegetables because they are nutritious. Likewise, attending a classic concert is good for the mind, the body, and general wellbeing, but we also listen to classical music because it is beautiful – we should do more things for sheer pleasure.

Where to find

Where you find classical offerings all depends on where you are. Most major cities have an orchestra and an orchestral group that you can follow. Most states have a state or regional orchestra and, of course, there is a national orchestra too. There are also private choirs and there is sure to be concerts held near you.

If you cannot get to the regional, state or national orchestra for a classic music or choir concert, then look at a streaming service and download music. A good way to learn about classical music is also to listen to the radio too, as each area has a classic music station that you can tune in to.

Subscribe to your local orchestra or choir; this is usually free of charge. This way you get information on the different concerts that are taking place via newsletters which will provide information on upcoming classic music and choral concerts. Joining your local orchestra as a member, or as a musician, is a fantastic way to learn more and to be involved in classical music.

Classical music and a choir performance often go together, and if you enjoy one then you’ll likely enjoy the other. Remember to embrace the joy you get from classical music. Listen to it because you love it!

Written by Health Guest Contributor Sandra Krol