Fabricated rebar

Buy from one rebar supplier for wholesale prices

A project manager on a site where rebar fabrication is needed is wise if he (or she) gets all of his materials from the same store and directly from the manufacturer. When someone buys directly from manufacturers, they cut out a third party and thereby they cut out the third party’s costs. Not only are the prices cheaper, but buying directly means that you know exactly what quality of material you are purchasing. You get first-hand information on the products and how they are made. You are getting better, fairer service.

Common building materials

A project manager knows that they are always going to need a good supply of standard materials for any building project, and this would include cement, concrete, bricks, tiles, lintels and rebar, as well as stone, steel and masonry. All of the materials (and they need accessories too) come in different brands and different strengths and sizes. Yes, even concrete is sold based on volume, and the same with cement. Some items, including from rebar suppliers, are custom designed and made to order.

A good builder works on a relationship with one supplier so that they can get everything from one source and have supplies delivered directly to the project site.

Buying rebar

A builder is always going to need rebar or reinforced steel; this is the fabricated steel that holds up the walls of a building or other construction. Builders have their own language when it comes to rebar. But all builders understand the word rebar and rebar fabricators and builders know that when you need rebar, there should be no delay. Not having the required rebar on time can hold up the entire construction process and, given builders are always working to a deadline, this is not acceptable.

A project manager needs to be able to call the rebar fabricator and order what they need – from standard rebar to fabricated rebar – and have the order placed immediately.

Choosing the right supplier

Choosing the right rebar supplier is important. It is a good idea to get word-of-mouth recommendations from fellow builders and project managers, and other people who have experience with building supplies and suppliers. Find a rebar fabricator who is local to you so that you do not have to drive all over town for a few supplies, and make sure that they sell top quality materials and that they produce them on their own. And, of course, it helps to have a rebar fabricator who will deliver to your project site and who offers wholesale prices.

There are strict building rules and regulations in Australia and rebar fabrication does need to comply with these rules and regulations. Make quite sure your rebar supplier is licensed and is producing rebar as per the building regulations.

Written by Guest Contributor Adam Denman