Home Care

Get the disability care and support that you deserve

There is support available by disability care services in Perth (Western Australia) WA and the care offered is comprehensive. Any person with a disability, no matter how mild or how severe, is eligible for disability care in Perth, and there is help for the people involved, not only for the disabled person but also for their family. Caring for a disabled person can be a strain. While most people do it with total love and commitment, having help and support is important. There are disability foundations that offer this help and support.

Degrees of support

Each person who is disabled is different needs and some need more support from disability services than others. You might have a special needs child at home who requires someone to come for home-schooling, or help with homework, or just to do art and some fun creative things. You might have a disabled spouse who used to love cycling and the outdoors but is now stuck in a wheelchair. There are all kinds of support available and a foundation can make a plan and take a disabled person out, teach them to surf, or merely just enjoy the great outdoors together. Don’t think that just because a person is disabled their life is over. It isn’t – and there is support available.

Home care

When a person is severely disabled, they may need home care. This could be 24/7, as in a permanent carer, or it could be part-time. It can be purely physical care – helping a person bathe, dress, eat, etc, and it can be stimulating care too – helping a person by providing company or assistance to watch TV, play board games, read a book, take a walk, etc. Home care is available in a whole host of different ways and disability care can be custom-designed to fit in with the needs of the disabled person and to fit in with the needs of their family.

Costs of disability care

The very thought of disability care and money is a concern for many. Find out what is available for you. Several foundations have funding and offer disability, physical or mental health care, for no personal outlay at all. There are care packages that are paid for by health insurance systems and the government. And plans can always be made. Rather get the care that is needed and get it sooner rather than later.

Caring for a disabled person, no matter how much you love them, can take energy, time and commitment. It can be exhausting. When help is available, accept the help. And remember that disabled people have the right to as exciting a life as able-bodied people have. There are good disability care services in Perth WA and they are there to help.

Written by Health Guest Contributor Sandra Krol