Top Paver Choices For Renovating The Home

Is your home looking tired? Perhaps you’re thinking of doing some work to get the highest resale price possible? Either way, using quality pavers is a great way to improve the look and feel of your outdoor spaces. To create maximum impact, it’s important to choose the right pavers. Here are our top paver choices for renovating the home.

Factors to consider when choosing pavers

It’s important to know that not all paving materials are equal, there are quite literally thousands of options, all varying in quality and price points. Before selecting your pavers, you should consider the following things to ensure you are entirely satisfied with your choice, after all, some pavers can be expensive so you want to be sure you get it right from the get-go. They are as follows:

Stone performance

Some stone types cannot be used in certain applications due to their porosity and low tolerance to external factors such as weight, water and chemicals. This must be considered before installing your pavers. Using the wrong materials for the job will more than likely result in a shorter lifespan for your pavers. The same applies to the quality and thickness of the stone. For example, you’ll need to choose a thick paver that is dense and strong when using pavers as a driveway material. Failing to do so may result in cracking and shifting.

The price

With any type of renovation work, the cost is a major consideration for most. To ensure you aren’t going over your budget with your paver choice, it’s smart to work out how much the project is estimated to cost before making any concrete plans.

The look you are trying to create

Sometimes we can have an image in our heads about how we think something will look only for it to not look how we thought it would. To avoid this happening, it is a good idea to research the different pavers choices and how they will tie in with the other elements and features of the backyard. A good way to do this is by grabbing a few different samples and comparing them in the space. This allows you to see them in the actual light they’ll be installed and how they look in the space. From here, you can choose your favourite.


One thing many avid renovators fail to consider is the comfortability of the space. Aside from how the pavers feel to walk on barefoot, sunlight can have a huge impact on the comfortability of your pavers. If you choose white or very light pavers, they will stay cooler, however, if the space is in full sun it can cause the area to become glary. Additionally, choosing dark pavers for an area that is in full sun can cause the pavers to heat up and they can burn the skin when walked or sat on.

Salt and slip resistance

If you are adding pavers to a new or existing pool area, it’s important that you ensure they are salt and slip-resistant. Some paver types aren’t and the chemicals, water and salt in pool water can prematurely wear your pavers, shortening their lifespan. Using pavers that do not offer a high slip rating can be dangerous. Pool sides are constantly wet and they can become a hazard if they do not have suitable gripping properties.

Top paver choices for renovating the home

Now that you’ve considered the above factors, you can take a look at the best paver options for renovating. Whilst everyone has different preferences, here are our top choices for renovating the home:

Exposed aggregate pavers

Exposed aggregate is a popular alternative to natural stone pavers. A thin layer on the surface of the paver is removed to expose the sands, gravel and other materials in the stone, producing a striking textural finish. This paver type comes in a multitude of colours, sizes and shapes, allowing you to find the perfect one for your project.

Limestone pavers

Limestone pavers perth is a favourite amongst the masses and for good reason. It’s aesthetically appealing, soft underfoot and durable and simple to maintain. Its character and warmth only increase as it ages. Unlike some other paver choices, limestone remains cool under the hot summer sun making it a suitable choice for almost every application.

Travertine pavers

Another front-runner in terms of aesthetics is travertine. It offers unbeatable elegance and its timeless nature makes it a suitable choice for most applications. This stunning natural stone is strong and heat-resistant. If you do want to use it around a swimming pool, applying an impregnating sealer is strongly recommended to prevent the pool water from deteriorating your stone.

Marble pavers

Marble is extremely dense and if you are looking for a high-end option, you can’t go past this luxurious-looking stone paver choice. This attractive heat-resistant stone does come at a cost, and you’ll likely find that it is priced relatively higher than other types of natural stone pavers.

Bluestone pavers

Bluestone is a highly versatile and durable paver choice. It comes in a signature blue-grey tone and is a great option for those looking for something long-lasting yet budget-friendly. It can be used for practically any application and is commonly used for driveways, patios and walkways.

Sandstone pavers

Sandstone is a timeless paver choice that has been a favourite for decades. Boasting a variety of earthy tones, implementing sandstone pavers is a great way to add a natural element to your hardscaped areas.

Use paving professionals

Taking the time to choose the right paver for your home will ensure that you create the greatest impact with your renovation. This will not only boost the aesthetics of your home, but it can also improve the function and comfortability of the space and isn’t that the aim of the game when renovating?

Written by Lifetstyle Contributor Rosy