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How to Throw an Impressive New Year’s Pool Party

New Year’s is one of the best holidays for several reasons. The music, fireworks, champagne, and exhilaration of welcoming a brand-new year with fresh expectations and resolutions can excite everyone. The night spent with family and friends, blasting music and drinking cocktails, is the most memorable highlight of the special day.

Many people spend days preparing to throw the best new year’s party for their friends. If you have a swimming pool, then this is the best time to start thinking about how to throw the town’s best new year’s party by making your pool the centre of it.

Tips to throw the best pool party for the New Year

New Year’s is all about decorating your home, celebrating with your friends and family, playing fun games, sipping on festive drinks, and happily welcoming the coming year. You can spruce up your party by theming it around your pool. You just need a few things and very little time to make your party the talk of the town for the next few months.

1/ Decorations for your new year’s pool party

Decorations are a must-have irrespective of the occasion you are throwing the party for. By using some simple decorations, you can make your poolside look heavenly.

2/ Lights

Lights are an integral part of a new year’s party decoration, especially since the party is at night. But make sure that your lights are not just functional. Make them exciting and unique to match up with your party theme. String lights are a great way to make the poolside look ethereal. String café lights across your swimming pool to add magic and charm to it. If you are looking for a chic and cosy look, you can go for white lights. But if you want to add some funk to the party, go for coloured lights. You can also use rainbow-coloured uplighting that will look great while you are blasting your music at high volume and dancing.

Underwater pool lights are also a great option if you are looking to combine utility and beauty. Light up your pool with multicolour underwater LED lights and brighten up your party.

Including a glowing floating showpiece is also a good way to add a celebratory touch to the pool. This will give the look of an underwater light show. Some showpieces even double up as colourful fountains, which will surely leave your guests in awe. Remember that they have a tendency to drift around, so you might want to put in a little effort to separate them using weights or fishing lines.

3/ Balloons and floaters

Different coloured balloons can be used as decorations based on the theme of your party. Just make sure that they are not in anyone’s way or hampering movement. Let them cascade from the wall to the pool. You can also let the balloons float in the pool. Placing glow sticks in the balloons can make them look gorgeous at night. Inflatables can also be used for decorating the pool. But when using them, make sure the entire pool area does not appear over-decorated or tacky. Just keep them minimal yet beautiful.

4/ Furniture

If you are planning a day-long party, make sure that your guests are comfortable. Bring in some patio furniture, like chaise lounges, reclining chairs, tables, balcony chairs, poolside loungers, and towel racks. Keep towel buckets handy for wet towels. Make sure there is still enough space between your furniture along the pool’s edge so that guests can wander safely and comfortably around it. Keep the recliners at least a metre or two apart for comfort’s sake. If some of your guests are not interested in swimming, you can create some separate seating arrangements to avoid them getting wet.

5/ Colour your pool

Dyeing the pool water to match the theme of the party is becoming quite common these days. You can try this if you are in the mood for some adventure. There are numerous safe dyes available on the market. But make sure to contact the Pool Builders Gold Coast for advice before you decide on the dye. You can also use a combination of dye and underwater lights to create a dazzling look.

6/ Snacks

Getting delicious snacks and arranging them perfectly is also important for a party. Make sure to include some cool cocktails along with champagne, soft drinks, and sparkling water for the party. Put your drinks in coolers to keep them chilled. Place food and drink tables near seating areas so your guests can access them easily. If your party is going to be a long affair, make sure to get some filling snacks. For a cute aesthetic, you can use small chalkboards and write the snacks you have on the table.

Apart from the food table, you can also use pool floats to make a makeshift drink holder and put them in your swimming pool. Make sure that snacks and drinks are available not just in your pool area but also inside your house. This will be helpful for guests who want to rest for some time inside the house. Make sure all the snacks and drinks are in plasticware. This will avoid accidents due to broken glass.

7/ Rules for the party

Pool parties can sometimes lead to accidents, especially when the guests are intoxicated or inattentive while dancing. Put some rules in place for the party to avoid accidents and to ensure the safety of your guests. Make sure your guests know the rules beforehand, so they can prepare accordingly. Prevent guests from swimming or diving if they are drunk. Try to minimise the crowd at the pool’s edge to avoid accidents that can happen due to people running around. Make cute little notes stating the rules and hang them around, so your guests can read them. If someone is breaking a rule, remind them politely.

To Conclude

A pool party is one of the best ways to welcome the new year with your friends and family. With the decorations, food, drinks, and a few safety rules in place, you can enjoy the most memorable party of your life.

Written by Lifetstyle Contributor Rosy