must have Glock Accessories

If you have a Glock pistol, you should have certain Glock accessories to get the most out of your pistol. Glock pistols are durable, reliable and accurate. However, even the best pistol in the world can be improved with well-chosen accessories.

The following accessories are recommended if you want to get the most out of your Glock pistol…..

  • Glock holster

This is one of the best accessories you need to get if you own a Glock. Good holsters will protect your firearm from scratches. It will also keep it in perfect condition. It’ll help you draw your pistol accurately and quickly.

Holsters are a great way to carry your weapon easily. The Glock 19 is the most popular choice for a holster and it is one of the best accessories for your Glock. There are different types of Glock holsters available, so select whichever best meets your needs.

  • A comfortable gun belt

You will also need a gun belt if you are a Glock owner. While some people overlook the importance of a gun belt, it is very important. There are a lot of reasons you need to invest in a high-quality Glock belt. A good Glock belt will support your gun’s weight in the holster whilst preventing your pants from sagging.

A comfortable gun belt helps distribute the weight of your holster and gun more evenly. This can make it comfortable to carry your gun. When you buy firearms online, they don’t automatically come with a gun belt; buy a gun belt separately. A gun belt keeps your holster in place and improves your consistency when drawing your Glock gun.

  • A mag pouch and extra magazines

Glock magazines are essential parts of a firearm and you must carry them with your gun at all times. This is because they hold your ammo in place. You need a durable pouch or any other type of container that can keep your mags securely in place. This is very important when you own a gun. Mag pouches allow you to carry around more than one gun magazine at a time. This is always a good idea in case you want to reload your gun during a self-defence situation, making it one of the best accessories to have when you have a Glock.


The above accessories are very important to have if you own a Glock. They help you protect your gun from scratches. They also keep it in perfect condition when carrying. A high-quality belt makes carrying your gun more comfortable, especially if you want to use it for extended periods.

A mag pouch is also one of the most important Glock accessories as it helps you carry around multiple magazines for your gun. This way, you will always be prepared in case you want to reload your Glock during a self-defense situation.

Written by Lifestyle Contributor Louis Perera