How and When Employee Rights Lawyers Can Help

You are excited to get a job, and working with employee rights lawyers is probably the furthest from your mind. But many of us have been there…

You have been offered a fabulous job, signed the contract in haste, and have not gone over the finer points. You need to remember that the firm that is employing you is as delighted as you are about the contract. They have hired you because they want you and they want your expertise. You are happy to have the job; perhaps this is a dream job for you, or you are slowly or quickly climbing the ladder.

Go over your contract carefully. Get employment lawyers to go over it too. A firm will respect you doing this, as it shows self-value and that you are taking this job seriously. It also means you are not going to land in trouble.

Unfair dismissals, severance packages, benefits

The work of employment lawyers goes far. If you have read about unfair terminations where people then fight for their rights, employment lawyers are advising and guiding them in the background.

Employment lawyers can wear many hats, going over new contracts, sitting with you and guiding you in a disciplinary meeting, and in the case of unfair termination, helping you ensure you get what is deserved by you. Employment lawyers will also help you get the benefits you deserve, negotiate severance packages, guide you with expatriate employee contracts, guide you if you are moving from one city to another but staying with the same firm, giving redundancy or retrenchment advice, and help you with any niggles that you may have about your employment. Employment lawyers are on the side of the employee, fairly and squarely.

Employee rights legal teams

Employee rights legal firms are made up of some of the most brilliant teams of people, people who have studied the law, have law degrees, and who have specialised in employee rights. They know the rules, they know the loopholes, they know how to ensure the law is followed.

As an employee in a big firm, it can be easy to be intimidated. Employee rights lawyers are with you so that this does not happen; they are with you so that no matter the process, you are fairly treated, treated with respect, and more importantly, you get what you deserve. Employee rights legal teams work confidentially and have your best interests at heart. They are also held to account by being part of the Fair Work Act, and this says it all. It is about fair work and fair work practices.

Do you need an employment lawyer?

If you are signing a new contract, facing an unfair dismissal or going into a mediation or disciplinary meeting, then yes, you more than likely should get an employment lawyer on your side., an Employee rights lawyers will talk you through how it all works.

Written by Kate Vosburgh