white elephant

Ideas for a Themed White Elephant Party

Themed parties can be fun, adults-only, useful, silly, seasonal, or anything else you can come up with. Here are some more fantastic theme ideas for your next white elephant party…

What is a White Elephant Party?

A white elephant party is simply a festive occasion where funny, impractical, or gag gifts are exchanged for the main purpose of amusement and entertainment.

Theme Ideas

  • Decade-Specific Gifts – this could be very specific like “music of the 1960s” or general like the “1980s”. The ‘80s is a fun and popular theme as it has such classically tragic trends as the fanny pack, fluorescent socks, scrunchies, leg warmers, as well as 1980s book series and TV box sets. Go all out and have guests dress up in 1980s attire and play 1980s music.
  • Local Gifts – contribute only gifts from local businesses – gift cards or items sourced nearby. It could be anything from a store voucher to locally-made wine, artisan gifts, or gourmet foodstuffs.
  • Grog Gifts – alcohol gifts can be great for the right adults-only group. Think wine, gourmet beer, or a nice mini-bottle of liqueur. Have a price limit that is reasonable. Or, to make it funny, make it a “cheap wine” white elephant party, with no bottle to cost more than $5 or $10!
  • Re-Gifts – we’ve all received an unwanted gift or two in the past. They sit in the back of a closet, gathering dust. Re-gift them for this theme! Bring something in new or as-new condition; it’s free and in many cases, the results are hilarious.
  • Dirty Gifts – think whoopee cushions, fake vomit, fake poo, fart machines, decorated toilet paper, and naughty gag gifts for him or her. This is a theme that needs to be carefully considered with regards to your audience – but in the right group, it can be fantastically fun.
  • DVDs – have everyone bring their favourite movie on DVD to exchange. Or make it funny and set the theme as something like, “worst movie I’ve ever seen”, “funny movies”, or “tear-jerkers”.
  • Funny Coffee Mugs – there is no limit to the availability of funny, silly, naughty, ugly, and tacky coffee mugs you can find if you take a look. GO to stores or look online, and we know you’ll find the perfect coffee mug for this theme of white elephant gift exchange.

As you can see, there is no limit to theme ideas except for your imagination. Be very specific when you create your invitations about the theme you have chosen. And most of all have fun – because half the fun of a white elephant party is coming up with great white elephant gift ideas and finding the perfect gift!

By Alana Wills, Staff Writer at www.WHIA.com.au