Street Art – Eye Bombing!


Street art has no rules. It doesn’t need to be complex. It doesn’t need to be sophisticated. It doesn’t need to convey a political or social viewpoint. While street art often does these things, sometimes it’s just for fun – brightening an otherwise bland urban landscape.

One very simple but very effective street art trend is that of eye bombing.

What is eye bombing? It’s simply the art of attaching “googly” eyes onto public inanimate objects to give the appearance of a living creature. It’s a tiny thing, but it’s fun – and funny. It’s akin to drawing a moustache on a human or animal’s photo. Ordinary objects we’d never give a second glance become friendly faces in an instant.

The fad for eye bombing is becoming a worldwide craze – with a couple of Danish designers even creating a website for eye-bombers from all over the world to share photos of their efforts.

Objects such as drainpipes, tree trunks, rubbish bins, post boxes, and bollards become friendly and fun thanks to a pair of googly eyes – proving absolutely anything can be transformed into a face with very little effort. There is even a website where one can source removable, sticky googly eyes of various sizes.

One notable eye-bomber is Bulgarian street artist Vanyu Krastev, who has an eye for “the perfect eye bomb” – transforming everything from trees to sidewalk stains and lamp posts.

Unlike tagging and many other forms of street art, eye bombing is not at all about the artist – it’s completely anonymous and gives something joyful to the world with no expectation or real possibility of respect, fame, or notoriety. It’s not a statement; it’s not vying for public space; it’s just an addition that aims to bring a smile.

What do you think? Have you ever been “eye-bombed”? We’d love to hear your ideas!

By Astrid Hunt, Staff Writer at