What To Look While Buying Saddle Pads for Sale?

You will find modern saddle pads are available in a variety of materials & colours, which sometimes makes it a little bit challenging for folks to select the perfect option for their horse. You will find there are so many riders choosing the pad that always looks prettiest on their horse, but a saddle pad is more than just a fashion accessory. The primary purpose of it is to protect the horse from the pressure of the saddle.

However, different types of saddle pads are available, including work pads, GP pads, etc., and in different shapes that are best suited to the different kinds of saddles (which include dressage, close contact, and so on). But, to fulfil your purpose of buying it, you need to consider some important tips. You can also check the saddle pads for sale option for a budget-friendly purchase.

What Are the Saddle Pads Created From?

Saddle pads are available in different kinds of material choices. Among them, two classes are always used: natural & synthetic. Another one is fleece, which is also used by some riders.

  • Natural/ Cotton Pads: These are made from natural materials like cotton. Cotton can easily absorb moisture equal to its weight & absorb weights of up to three times its weight.
  • Synthetic Pads: If you are buying synthetic saddle pads, you must understand that they will not absorb the moisture. However, synthetic material surely can trap heat.
  • Fleece Pads: Another material is known as fleece, and it is also able to drain moisture away from the horse’s body. This material can be made out of sheepskin or wool.

It is strongly suggested that you spend your money on saddle pads of the highest possible quality, as this will ensure that they can meet all of your needs and maximise comfort for your horse.

Things To Consider While Buying Saddle Pads For Sale:

Below are things you must check before purchasing a saddle pad for your horse.

  • The Thickness Of The Saddle Pad, Shims, & Half Pads

You will have to pay attention to the thickness of the saddle pad. It must be enough to wick away the moisture & protect the saddle as well as your horse.

  • Saddle Fit

Before addressing the overall aspect of the saddle material, one can’t overemphasize the importance of the perfect saddle fit. In case the saddle doesn’t fit, slippage will occur. If you have any issue related to the pad staying in the place, you must pay close attention to how the tree in the saddle fits the conformation of your horse.

  • Choose The Perfect Size

Be sure that you will have to match your saddle pad with the specific kind of saddle you use. Pads are created with different kinds of style saddles in mind. 

The Final Verdict

While buying a saddle pad, you should also pay attention to moisture control & breathability.

Pads are specially designed to compensate for very minor saddle fit problems or to offer more wither or spine clearance with ease.

If you want to buy the saddle pad at a discounted price, you must pay close attention to the saddle pads for sale.

Written by Guest Contributor Nivi Watson