Pendleton wool blankets – beautiful style statements

Pendleton blankets are an American icon and use traditional Native American bold designs and vibrant colours. They are exceptionally beautiful and of the highest quality. When searching for a Pendleton wool blanket, do your research and look for a reputable supplier that sells them online.

You will find that a Pendleton blanket or throw is useful in many different ways and lends a striking décor effect – plus they are cosy and warm. 

Pendleton blanket sales and patterns

The patterns on Pendleton Native American blankets and throws are quite stunning and each one is different and unique. The designs can be simple or sophisticated, depending on what you choose. They are always elegant and bold and are beautifully woven, and each is magnificent. The blankets or throws come in a variety of sizes and are made of pure wool that, with the right care, lasts forever and wears well.  They can be the right size to place over your knees on a chilly day, wear around your shoulders on a chilly night, or leave draped over a couch or a chair. You can also use them on your bed, as a picnic blanket, or even as a wall hanging.


When you a buy Pendleton wool blanket, the best way to purchase is directly from the Pendleton factory or to buy from specialist stockists online. You must ensure any product claiming to be Pendleton-made is genuine. You will be able to see, when you buy a Pendleton blanket, that the dyes and colours used are natural. The wool can last a lifetime. Each blanket tells a story and while you can choose whichever pattern and design you want, simple or full, the story of the designs are evident.

There are so many lovely Pendleton designs, colours, and patterns! You might only want one blanket, but you might be feeling indulgent and want to order a few blankets. They are exceptionally well made and their pricing reflects this. Take your time in going through the selection and choose the product that appeals to you the most. You cannot go wrong with any of your choices, the blankets are all stunning. There are different sizes though and the online stores that sell the blankets will give you all the specs and details.

When you want to buy a Pendleton wool blanket, thinking of cold evenings, picnics, or home décor, browse the catalogue, learn about the story each blanket tells, and choose the blankets that appeal to you most.

Written for WHIA by Guest LIfestyle Contributor Thomas Hanson