Information about Flights from Brisbane to Sydney

Sydney has the highest number of visitors than any other city in Australia. This city has a variety of excitement, ranging from many festivals to exciting attractions. For those planning a vacation to Sydney, you can read this short guide about recommended tourist destinations and flight information from Brisbane to Sydney.

Recommended Tourist Destinations in Sydney

Sydney offers everything that a tourist needs. This city has many tourist destinations that can be visited. Here are some recommendations:

1. Bondi Beach

Do you want to relax on the beach and soak up the sun? You can visit Bondi Beach, about a 30-minute drive from the center of Sydney. You can do many fun activities at Bondi Beach, such as surfing, volleyball, or enjoying the beautiful beach scenery. For shopaholics, there are boutiques around the beach, cafes, and restaurants.

2. Paddy’s Market

Paddy’s Market is the next tourist destination you can visit when in Sydney. You can find cheap accessories like keychains, fridge magnets, and more. The market is only open Wednesday to Sunday, from 09.00 AM to 05.00 PM.

3. Royal Botanic Garden

This 30-hectare botanical garden is a favorite tourist spot because it provides a relaxed and shady atmosphere. At the Royal Botanic Garden, you can find free-flying birds, more than 28 thousand types of plants, and places that can be used as photo spots. The Royal Botanic Garden is not too far from Sydney’s iconic building, the Sydney Opera House.

Recommended Airlines for Flights from Brisbane to Sydney

A flight from Brisbane to Sydney takes an average of 2 hours 35 minutes. There are various airline options to choose from, here’s a list:

1. Jetstar

Jetstar is a low-cost airline from Australia based in Melbourne. It is a subsidiary of Qantas. You can choose a flight with Jetstar for a vacation on a budget. Jetstar’s Economic Class has a 7 kg cabin that can be upgraded.

2. Qantas

Qantas is a national airline that also serves routes from Brisbane to Sydney, based in Sydney. Passengers will get facilities, such as 23 kg baggage, 7kg cabin, in-flight meals, entertainment, power, and a USB port. Australia’s largest airline was awarded the second-best airline in the world in 2005 and 2006.

3. Regional Express

Regional Express is an airline serving domestic and regional routes based in Mascot. Economy Class passengers from Brisbane to Sydney will receive 23 kg baggage and 7 kg cabin.

4. Virgin Australia

The last option is Virgin Australia, based in Brisbane. Virgin Australia is a low-cost airline that provides entertainment facilities for its passengers. In addition, passengers will get an in-flight meal and a 7 kg cabin that can be upgraded.

Tips for Flying from Brisbane to Sydney

If you are traveling to Sydney for the first time, visiting the city in the spring (September to November) or in the fall (March to May) is recommended. The weather during these periods is pleasant, making it ideal for enjoying the city’s scenery.

During these seasons, the famous tourist spots in Sydney are also less crowded. Additionally, you can take advantage of the Vivid Sydney Festival and the Sydney Underground Film Festival. You can use public transportation options such as the metro, bus, and train to get around Sydney. Some tourists choose to walk if the destination is just a short distance.

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Written by Rabeka Herdiana