4wd camping

How to choose the best 270 Degree 4WD awning.

You need to choose the right 270-degree awning for Overlanding (or 4WD touring) because you will not always have the perfect weather conditions. You’ll also want to extend your living space with protection from the sun.

4WD awnings are foldable pop-up or pop-out shelters or shades that offer protection during beach drives, camping, sports events, and road trips. They offer protection against harmful UV rays, the heat of the sun, wind, and heavy rain.

The 4WD awning

These are also known as camper awnings or 4WD awnings. They are heavy-duty covers that stretch over a supported framework to create shelter or shade. They can be rolled up into a bag when they aren’t in use. The awnings are crafted from durable fabric and steel or aluminium for the framework and poles. They also come in different styles and sizes and can cover up to a 270-degree scope depending on the specific product you choose.

Benefits and purpose of getting your awning

A vehicle awning can be used as a sleeping extension when you go camping. It creates a closed shelter when covered with detachable walls. The shelter can act as a changing room, sleeping quarters, or extra storage space. People use open awnings as coverings for their camp kitchens so they do not get sunburnt when preparing meals, eating on a picnic, or simply hanging out.

4WD awnings may be conveniently installed into the roof rack of a car. This means that they don’t take up any interior cargo space. It also means that they will be readily available when needed. They can be deployed simply by pulling out and trying on a few straps.

These awnings are weather-resistant, durable, and easy to use. Their mould-resistant materials and waterproof canvas are sturdy enough to withstand different weather conditions. There are a lot of recent free-standing car awnings that are becoming very popular among off-roaders because of their sleek style, robust build, absence of poles and uncomplicated setup.

Things to consider when buying an awning

The advantages an awning has to offer are convincing but we have also noted that there are some considerations that overlanders need to look out for when buying camping awnings. The first thing is to ensure their rack system or cross bars are ready to carry the weight of the awning.

There are larger 270 models that require three mounting points to distribute the weight evenly. A lot of smaller awnings need two mounting points. The quality of the awning can vary from affordable and basic ones to heavy-duty models. You get what you pay for. You will spend more money on a durable awning but you will get value for your money because it will last for years.

Choose your preference such as a 270-degree awning depending on your unique needs – they don’t come in one size fits all. This means that you have to be very sure that the awning you are purchasing is compatible with your vehicle.

Written by Lee Newton