Have you been struggling to sleep lately?

People struggle to sleep for a variety of reasons. Magnesium for sleep became more popular during the pandemic, when so many people could not sleep well because of anxiety. But if you ask any woman of a certain age, they will tell you that magnesium has been helping them for decades! And that is because sleep struggles are connected to menopause, and magnesium is a natural supplement that does work.

Sleep issues can arise for a variety of reasons. They can be genetic, they can be anxiety-related, and they can be illness-related. Sleep issues can come from reactions to certain medications, and they can also come from the brain being too hyped up to relax. We all know that feeling of going to bed but not being able to stop thinking about something. And the more we think, the worse it gets.

Sleep supplements

There are different ways of dealing with insomnia and sleep struggles including using magnesium supplements for sleep, medications, melatonin, hot baths, warm chamomile tea or milk, and as a last resort, pharmaceuticals.

It is advised that before one goes to bed they take a warm bath, stop looking at screens for an hour or so before bed, drink something soothing, and go to sleep with as little disturbance as possible. Try and make a routine out of going to bed as well as trying to get to bed just a half hour or hour earlier than you normally do. Run yourself a nice bath, smell some lavender, put on a body cream, use low lighting, get your bed cosy and comfortable and ready for you, and get in and put the lights off immediately. If you do want to read, try and read before you get into bed and don’t use a blue-light-based backlit device.

If you are taking a supplement, take it with a glass of water, warm milk, or with a cup of chamomile tea. And then close your eyes and relax. Let those thoughts dissipate into something pleasant.

Looking at a screen – BAD!

Sadly, almost everyone looks at a screen while they are in bed and many people fall asleep with a screen, even using the screen device as a sleep aid. How many of you fall asleep to Netflix or some other streaming channel, waking up just an hour or so later wondering what happened to episode two and three? This is really bad, causes disturbed sleep, and is really not a good way of training yourself to sleep better.

Rather, get into bed, put on a soothing podcast if you must, take a natural supplement like magnesium, and slowly drift off. There are excellent natural sleep supplements available and people have been taking them for years.

Magnesium – a bit of a miracle

Look at a supplement like magnesium which helps with so many things for people of all ages. It helps with sleep, mood regulation, headaches and muscle pain, cramps, energy, and even blood sugar and blood pressure.

Use magnesium for sleep and feel like a new person!

Written by Kim Connor