Fruit Picking

Earn money while picking fruit in Tasmania

you have ever met someone who has done fruit picking jobs Tasmania, the first thing they will tell you is how much fun they had doing it. So much fun that often they extend their contract. Working on farms in Tasmania is a wonderful way to earn some extra cash for your travels, or simply to get a job. There are always jobs on farms available, either temporary or permanent, and Tasmanian farmers welcome locals and travellers to apply.

Fruit, veggies and general farm work

A good farm is successful because of season, timing and workers, and fruit picking jobs cannot wait. When the fruit is ripe it is ripe and it needs to come off the trees or bushes. This is why farms in Tasmania open themselves up to temporary workers. When a farm worker applies for a position, a temporary one, they generally get the work immediately. They can sign up for a month, two, three, or longer, depending on the farm, depending on the worker, and depending on the availability of work.

Farm work is available for short and long periods. It is hard and fulfilling work, and it is well-paid. At the end of it, the worker feels strong, healthy and good, as well as having some extra cash in their pocket.

How to find farm work

Farm work is well advertised in Tasmania but there are also specialist farm recruiters. Farmers list the work that they need to be done on these recruiting sites, and workers/travellers can apply online. It is an easy process; one that is easy to navigate and transparent. If you are going to be picking apples, the job will say ‘apple picker.’ If you are going to be digging up potatoes, the description will be clear. And if it is general farm work that you are looking for, that will be clear too. The application process is quick because the farmers need workers quickly. As we said, those apples and potatoes cannot wait!

Find a farm close by

The beauty about working through a farm recruiting specialist is that you can find farms that are near to you, unless of course you are prepared to travel to the farm of your choice. You get to meet amazing people, work your muscles, and fund the next part of your travels.

We would advise anyone looking for a fun and rewarding experience to look for fruit picking jobs Tasmania.

Written by Guest Contributor Mia Soller