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Common Garage Door Problems and How Professional Services Can Help

Garage doors have become important parts of many homes due to the security they offer, ease to access our cars as well as boosting the beauty of the exterior part of building.

Nevertheless, similar to any other mechanical system, there are bound to be issues with garage doors.

Minor problems in the home can be easily resolved and recognizing when to seek for a professional help saves a lot of time and money for the homeowner.

Hence, in this article, we will look at some of these issues that may affect the garage door and how you can call in professionals for a solution.

Garage Door Won’t Open or Close

    Another case that is commonly experienced by the homeowners is the problem with garage door not opening/closing correctly.
    This can be caused by several factors, including:

    Broken Springs: Garage doors use torsion or extension springs for lifting and lowering the door to the ground or to open position. These springs when out of service, render the door useless. As will be seen attempting to replace springs without adequate equipment and understanding is reckless.

    Misaligned Tracks: If the tracks which the door runs on are twisted or parallel to the floor, there will be some hitch when you want to slide the door. It can also cause the door to become difficult to open and close or to become rigid, stuck or frozen.

    Faulty Sensors: Today’s garage doors feature what is known as the safety sensors; these are used in preventing the door from shutting on any object. If the sensors are out of place or covered with dirt, the door shall not close as it should.

    How Professionals Can Help:

    When it comes to problem-solving most professional garage door technicians are able to understand the general problem and come up with the solution within the shortest time possible.

    They possess the equipment and know how to install damaged springs, adjust track, repair or exchange defective sensors.

    They make sure the door moves up and down and opens and closes properly and most importantly safely.

    Noisy Garage Door

      This is one reason why a garage door may make loud and unpleasant sounds; interrupting the silence of your home. Common causes of a noisy door include:

      Loose Hardware: Long-term, the nuts, bolts, and screws that are used to fix the garage door parts might become loose leading to rattling and banging noises.

      Worn Rollers: Rollers enable the door to move on the tracks. If worn out they can create grinding or squeaking sound.

      Lack of Lubrication: Things which move require the application of oil to reduce on the noise that is produced. Subsequently, they are capable of generating mindless conflict and clamor.

      How Professionals Can Help:

      As for the different garage door problems that may come across, technicians can understand that loose hardware can be tightened, rollers can be replaced with proper, high-quality ones with low noise and proper lubricants put in moving parts.

      They can also close and reopening it so as to evaluate the state of every part of it to confirm that they are in good working condition.

      Garage Door Opener Issues

        The garage door opener is the heart of the automated system, and it can encounter problems such as:

        Remote Control Malfunctions: Any failure in operation, it could be due to battery, signal or the opener.

        Opener Motor Problems: After some years, small bearings that supply motor power to the door are weakened, thus making it hard for the door to open automatically.

        Wiring Issues: Wiring problems could mean that the necessary signals for the opening of the door are either missing or are very weak.

        How Professionals Can Help:

        The odds are that a professional can sort out the errors mechanically and either fix or swap the remote control, motor or wiring.

        They can also advise clients on the switch to better models of openers that have better features such as the ability to connect to a smartphone.

        Garage Door Panel Damage

          These panels can easily be banged up, rusted and eroded or just plain get old through constant use of the garage door.

          Defective panels do not only mar the face of the door but top on that it destroys the reliability and safety of entry doors.

          How Professionals Can Help:

          Panel beaters will be able to evaluate the level of damage and conclude on whether a panel will require replacement or will need to be repaired.

          They can easily replace the new panels with the existing ones preserving the looks of the door as well as its functionality.

          Balance Issues

            A garage door that has been installed with proper balance will open and close smoothly and place less stress on the opener.

            Such issues can be accompanied by symptoms such as the door closing too rapidly or only being able to open with some effort on your part.

            How Professionals Can Help:

            He it is who can perform a balance test and fix the balance of the door by twiddling with the springs.

            As such, this enhances the efficiency of the door and the opener and at the same time extends the durability of the door.


            Some of the minor garage door problems that might occur can be fixed by the homeowners, but most of the problems call for the service of the garage door specialists.

            Small problems should be corrected as soon as possible so that they do not become big problems and the garage door remains efficient, safe and long-lasting, with any necessary work done by a skilled person.

            If any of the above garage door problems affect your door, then it is high time you engage the services of a professional who will ensure that your door is in its best shape.