Choose the deck of your dreams!

Have you been looking at decking supplies in Melbourne and thinking about building your dream deck? You can do it, easily and affordably, if you go directly to a decking manufacturer who specialises in composite decking.

Composite decking is the way to go! It is an environmentally friendly decking material, making use only of recycled materials. It is long-lasting,  durable, pleasing to the eye and to feel and, best of all, it is affordable. Composite decking is a lot less expensive than timber decking, but this does not mean that the quality is compromised in any way. It’s also sustainable – and requires that no tree be felled.

Costs of decks

It is not really possible to give you the cost of decks in this article, as it depends totally on the supplier that you use and on the size of your deck. It also depends where you are. There are manufacturers in Sydney and Melbourne, and all the big cities, as well as many rural centres. If you are out of the city, however, you might need to pay a heftier delivery fee. The best thing for the cost of decking supplies is to choose the supplier, give them your approximate measurements and approximate design vision and needs, and they will work out a quote for you.

We do know that using recycled materials that look and feel like wood but are not timber has made decking much more affordable.

Dream decks

Page through a few home decor magazines and take note of the decks that are on display, either in luxury homes, apartments, hotels or restaurants. They are likely made of composite decking. You can have one too and you can do it on a DIY (do it yourself) basis, or you can hire a builder or two to build the deck for you.

The composite decking supplies come with instructions, and you can also use online tutorials on how to build a deck if you have skills in that area and a bit of know-how. You really can have a dream deck and a deck adds so much value to a commercial space, such as a restaurant or hotel, or to a residential space – your home – giving you so much more family, entertainment, and outdoor space. If you have outdoor space, you can build a deck, maybe floating or over concrete. How nice to have your own dream deck, finally!

Floating deck or regular deck?

The answer to this depends on the space you have, and your needs. A decking manufacturer will give you the best ideas, options and even plans. Chat to them today, tell them what you have in mind and let them do the rest. You can get decking supplies Melbourne directly from the leading manufacturers.

Written by Guest Contributor Sally Markovic