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Australia’s #6 Ethnic Cuisines

If you didn’t already know, I adore Australian ethnic cuisines. I have no guilt about saying it over and over. It was named the most livable country for several straight years for various reasons. And one of them must be the meal.

Ask around, and many will tell you that Australia is the unofficial culinary nation for us. Adelaide, SA, being a melting pot of cultures from across the world, is brimming with ethnic restaurants serving cuisines from all over the world. Aussies offer everything from the award-winning Spanish paella to the freshly prepared Ethiopian injera bread.

In the following, I have tried to pick the two most excellent ethnic restaurants of each of Australia’s capital cities to let you know that many significant localities have managed to create a multicultural nation of cuisines here. Let’s read.


There are countless restaurants in Melbourne, and I have not tried them all.

Little Africa Restaurant

Little Africa specializes in Eritrean and Ethiopian cuisines. It is not the most convenient location for me to visit, as it is in North Melbourne. However, their freshly prepared injera bread always entices me (and my cash) to return.

Injera is a sourdough-risen flatbread with a distinctive, somewhat spongy feel. It has a little sour flavor. In Ethiopian restaurants, the star is frequently the injera bread and how beautifully it is prepared.

The spices used in the meals are similar to those found in Middle Eastern and South Asian cuisine. However, the methods of cooking and picking these foods vary. If you have never been to an African restaurant, this will be a new experience for you.

Jaidee Thai

Don’t have the money to dine at Jinda Thai? That is alright! Jaidee Thai has more to offer along the same street at a far lower cost!

When I dine at Jaidee Thai, it brings back many memories from my travels in Thailand. The food is not as refined as at other posh Thai restaurants. Dishes are modest and honest, just like they are in Thailand.

Please don’t just order the Pad Thai (though it is delicious). Other delicacies to try are massaman curry, red duck curry, weeping tiger (beef marinated in garlic and pepper sauce), and somtum.

The theme design is good in this restaurant. The theme design at Jaidee Thai adds to the overall dining experience, creating an ambiance that transports you to Thailand. The attention to detail in the decor and atmosphere truly enhances the restaurant’s authenticity.

Adelaide and South Australia

Quality food from South Australia and Adelaide’s growing, varied citizenry have resulted in a vast choice of cuisines accessible on our doorstep.

Naaz Persian Cuisine

If you are looking for a very good restaurant in Adelaide, Naaz Restaurant It is one of the  standout fine dining options in Adelaide. The restaurant offers a unique and authentic Persian dining experience, with dishes that are rich in flavor and made with high-quality ingredients. From its succulent kebabs to its aromatic rice dishes, Naaz Persian Cuisine is a must-try for anyone looking to explore the diverse culinary scene in Adelaide.

With a range of tasty Persian dishes, including Guilani Persian food related to Iran’s exceptional city cuisine, Naaz Restaurant has managed to be among the best Persian restaurants in Adelaide. The warm and inviting atmosphere of Naaz Persian Cuisine adds to the overall dining experience, making it a popular choice for both locals and tourists alike.

You can start with the Marinated Special Olive Dish, Shirazi Salad, and Mirza Ghasemi. Fesenjan and Zereshk Polo are my suggestions for the main dish. Naaz Cuisine also has a variety of traditional Persian drinks, like dough.

Golden Boy restaurant

Golden Boy restaurant, located in Adelaide’s CBD, offers a unique dining experience with its fusion of Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. The modern and stylish interior of Golden Boy creates a vibrant atmosphere, perfect for a night out with friends or a special occasion. Their menu features a range of delicious dishes, such as crispy pork belly, green curry chicken, and lemongrass beef stir-fry. Golden Boy also offers an extensive selection of cocktails and Asian-inspired beverages to complement your meal. With its combination of flavors and inviting ambiance, Golden Boy is a must-visit restaurant in Adelaide.


No matter where you go in Sydney, the city’s various ethnic hubs continuously remind you of its diversity. In truth, Sydney is one of the world’s most multicultural cities, with over one-third of its citizens born abroad.

Colombo Social

If you’re seeking Sydney’s most excellent Sri Lankan food, come to Colombo Social. Aside from combining modern cooking techniques with Amma’s (Mum’s) cookbook, the Enmore restaurant also offers jobs and training to asylum seekers. Colombo Social’s cuisine is designed for sharing, and many beverages are available. You may eat curries and share dishes such as curry soft shell crab tacos, knowing that for every meal bought, one is donated to an asylum seeker in need.

Jambo Jambo Restaurant

If you’re looking for a taste of Africa in Sydney, look no further than Jambo Jambo Restaurant. Located in the city’s heart, this multicultural eatery offers a diverse menu inspired by Kenya, Ethiopia, and Tanzania flavors. From traditional stews and grilled meats to vegetarian options like injera and lentil curry, there’s something for everyone at Jambo Jambo. The restaurant also prides itself on its warm and welcoming atmosphere, making it a popular choice for locals and tourists.

The theme design of the Jambo Jambo interior is fascinating. The walls are adorned with vibrant African artwork, and the furniture is made from rich, dark wood, creating an authentic and inviting ambiance. The restaurant’s attentive staff are always happy to share their knowledge of African cuisine and recommend dishes based on your preferences. Whether you’re a seasoned fan of African food or new to the flavors, Jambo Jambo Restaurant will surely provide a memorable dining experience that will transport you straight to the heart of Africa.