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Understanding the top benefits of environmental testing services

The environmental testing services market is expanding as more people seek the peace of mind that their premises (or home) are safe from hazards. Environmental testing provides crucial information that should be keenly considered before and during a project rather than later. You should not take it as an after-thought. Working with the right professionals in the field is essential since professionals have the insight, tools, and expertise to determine the best strategy for testing and help you get the most from your project.

Why should you incorporate environmental testing?

It doesn’t matter whether you are planning a remediation or building project as an engineer, tackling emergency response cleanup, operating a waste disposal facility, working in a hospital, are a real estate agent, or working in agriculture, or an array of other industries – the regulations regarding chemical waste, asbestos, mould, biohazards, and environmental hazards are far-reaching and they can play an important role in your operation.

Federal and State environmental regulations governing contamination and hazardous waste include the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, as well as legislation relating to Meth Testing, MRSA Testing, Asbestos, Soil Contamination, and much more.

All these regulations impact waste generation or potential contaminants, and their distribution, handling, and destruction. It is therefore important for anyone whose activities touch on these areas to know where to incorporate environmental testing.

A dedicated environmental lab does more than run test tubes through your machines. It personalizes services to suit your needs and comply with the above regulations.

Who can benefit from environmental lab testing?

When it comes to environmental testing services, the regulations have a broad reach and there is no all-inclusive list of companies and businesses that can benefit from this testing. Some operations that need to consider incorporating environmental laboratory tests include operators of sanitation sites, owners of brownfields installers who are working on a remediation plan, emergency clean up services and underground tanks. Even commercial spaces, educational facilities, government buildings, and residential real estate may require environmental testing services.

These businesses and others either work with water, land, or structures that may be contaminated by previous activities, or their activities may release contaminants that could cause harm to wildlife and human health. Working with an environmental testing lab ensures accurate and quick analysis to determine any potential impact of planned or current activities or liabilities.

There is no one-size-fits-all test. Some options available for compliance include surface water analysis, groundwater testing, toxicity characteristic leaching procedure, pesticide screening, workplace vapour and air monitoring that can detect carcinogens and volatile organic compound testing identifies these carbon-based chemicals. Other possible tests include smoke assessments, asbestos testing, MRSA testing, Methamphetamine contamination testing, Mould and Mildew testing, and much more.

Choosing environmental lab testing services

Just like choosing any other service, it is important to know that the environmental lab testing services market is vast and not all services are the same. You should ensure you are getting value for your money by choosing the right company to offer the services you need.

From all the service providers in the environmental testing services market, it is important to ensure that the company you choose meets the needs of your enterprise. You might consider a company that focuses on certain disciplines such as sanitation, environmental engineering, agriculture, pharmaceuticals and industrial activities. You also need to choose a service provider with professional qualifications, vast experience and commitment to accurate results.  

Written by WHIA Business Staff Writer Luke Bonaventura