Lower your Costs – Install an Energy Management System

Energy and electricity are costly, but load controllers do a great job managing the electricity load, cutting down on energy bills, and saving as much power as possible.

Suppliers offer new and updated energy management systems that are installed, irrespective of whether you are in a residential property or a commercial premises. They help to manage how energy is used and how it is shared, allowing you to stay on top of when you use energy, and ensure that your energy bills remain as low as possible.

Energy costs and cost savings

Using energy is expensive; not just for us humans, but also for the planet. The best solution to change the cycle is to go solar, but this is not always an option and, while some people choose to go off the grid, it is difficult for many to even go partially solar. This means that for anyone wanting to cut costs and save the planet, but who cannot go solar, energy management systems are the best option.

What do energy management systems do?

There are several things that energy management systems do, but the most efficient approach is to install a load controller or an energy management system that automatically ensures you use your electrical appliances, especially the big ones, during the ‘cheaper’ times of day. This means your washing machine, dishwasher, and pool pump, amongst others (as only you know where you use big power loads), will switch on automatically during the low-cost period. In addition, you can see on the energy management system where you are using too much energy and electricity, and keep an eye on your loads.

Energy management systems are easy to use. To get the right load sharing system put in place, you need to ask your electricity supplier to install one. When they install it, they will tell you exactly how it works, help you with the settings, and explain everything to you  – as well as leave a customer support number behind in case you need help.

Looking for the right energy solutions and systems

Every country needs to come up with energy management systems to lower our carbon footprint and expenses so people can live more freely and easily while putting less pressure on our fragile planet. We have to create awareness about the importance of managing energy efficiently and not paying for energy that we are not using and ensure that we only use energy as and when we need to. A load controlling system shows the customer where they are using most of their energy, the costs, and how it is possible to change these habits. A load sharing app or system does this for the customer.

Sharing loads

It is easy to share loads. Moreover, one can also make small changes. These would be switching off lights when not using them, only running dishwashers and washing machines with full loads, having shorter showers, keeping appliances switched off at the wall when not in use, and in general, being aware. Load controllers make all the difference!

Written by WHIA Lifestyle Staff Writer Mark Potter