Nail gun

Different types of nail guns you need to know

Choosing the right type of nail gun for your needs is very important. This is a power tool used for shooting nails into a target material. You don’t have to rely on your hammer for every nail. Nail guns are tools that are very useful to roofers because they can easily drive nails through your roofing shingles at a faster rate without causing strain and fatigue than a hammer. Carpenters frequently use nail guns when they are putting down the subfloor or framing.

Keep in mind that not every nail gun is suitable for every task you have. It is necessary to discover more about the different types of nail guns available for nails and when you need to use them. Knowing the difference between every type of nail gun will help you understand the circumstances every nail gun type is best to handle.

Framing nail gun

This nail gun is best for connecting pieces of large lumber used for framing, deck building and fence installation. Framing guns are heavy-duty tools that are primarily used to build walls by connecting pieces of lumber to build frames. Framing nail guns drive nails up to about 3.5 inches. They are typically used with 2x6s or 2x4s for various projects.

Framing nail guns are great for building a framework for hanging fence boards, and drywall or installing a deck in the yard around the home. You need to decide whether cordless or corded nail guns suit your purpose. You should ensure you have an air compressor if you like working with the pneumatic nail gun.

Finish nail gun

This nail gun is best for securing moulding and trim. They are slightly bigger than the Brad nailers. This allows them to use 16 and 15-gauge nails to secure large finishing pieces such as window trim, decking, door trim and moulding. They are similar to other types of guns. They can be cordless, pneumatic, or corded so there is a wide range of options to select from based on your preferences.

Brad nail gun

This nail gun is best for installing cabinet and trim construction. It is similar to a finish nailer but it is typically used for installing interior moulding and trim. The fine 18-gauge nails aren’t suitable for large pieces of moulding. You can use these small nails for your lightweight trim or you can use a brad nailer to secure your thin wood panels to the back of your cabinetry.

Brad nail guns are great to have in your home during a painting project. You can reinstall the baseboards and trim with the nailer instead of driving 18-gauge nails with your hammer. The tiny nails don’t leave a hole behind. This makes them easier to cover than the holes left behind by finish nailers.

Siding nail gun

The siding nail gun is best for installing siding on the exteriors of your home. This nail gun is used to install siding. It uses 1.5-inch to 2.5-inch nails to properly install siding. You can use a framing nail gun to install your siding but the smaller nail size of a siding nailer makes this tool a great option.