Ways to Elicit Reviews for your Dental Clinic

The idea of using reviews for any dental clinic, is one of the most undervalued and overlooked marketing tools that every owner of a dental clinic should use to their advantage. With reviews, you boost your ability to attract more patients into your dental practice, which is going to enhance your profits and grow your business.

The importance of Reviews

Dental practice reviews act as third-party verification of the positive aspects of your business. You can claim on your website and in your marketing content that you are the best service provider, but customers will understand that those positive words are coming from you. With reviews, especially from third-party review websites, customers who have used your services will express their independent, unbiased views about your business – and word-of-mouth is very powerful.

Customers reviews are also useful when it comes to SEO and Google ranking. Google looks for quality factors when determining how websites are ranked. The more legitimate reviews your business has, the higher quality your ranking, your reach, and your lead generation will be. This ultimately translates to enquiries and conversions. website conversions will be.

When it comes to local search, business reviews can influence at least 10% of your ranking.

Where do your reviews appear?

Customers may leave reviews about your business in numerous places. Here are some of the common places where customers can review your business:

  • Social media – Dental clinics should focus on Facebook if they want to use social media to get dental clinic reviews. Customers have the opportunity to leave reviews about your services and products on Facebook. Reviews here can help you gain traction with your target audience.
  • Google My Business – Google My Business allows companies to collect reviews and answer frequently-asked-questions from customers. With this platform, any time someone looks up your practice by name, there will be a widget at the top showing your reviews, ratings, phone number, address, photos of your business, and more.

A lot of people in Australia visit websites by reading testimonials and an average of 45% of people schedule an appointment after reading reviews, so it is essential to have Google My Business.

How to get customer reviews

There are some great ways you can encourage reviews for your website. Here are some tips to encourage reviews for your dental practice:

  • Visible signage in your office – You should take a few moments to design a sign that asks clients to leave a review if they are satisfied with the services they have received. At the end of the week, collect the reviews and post them to your site.
  • Review page on your website – Most people are more likely to use your services if your website has a review section. There is no better way to attract reviews than to open a review page on your website. You will not have to worry about writing the reviews yourself and they will be available for potential customers.

So, if you want your clinic to perform better online, whether it’s a Bundoora dental clinic or a Sydney laser clinic or anything in between, you should encourage reviews from as many of your clients as possible.

Written by Alana Wills, Freelance Contributor on behalf of Plenty Smiles Dental