Useful tips on how to clean your Myle pod

The Myle device for vaping is quite expensive. You do not want to spend a lot of time and money purchasing a pod and not clean and care for it.

Being highly customizable devices, the effectiveness of Myle can be hampered by e-juice residue. It is, therefore, important to regularly clean your pods. Nonetheless, improper cleaning of your device can cost you your pod. Here are some tips on how to safely clean your pod kit.

Why should you clean your pod?

If you are one of the people who believe that it is unnecessary to clean your vape pod because dirt does not affect its functionality, you are very wrong. Cleaning your pod regularly saves you time and money as the pod will last longer. It will also protect you from the bad taste of vape juice residue.

Another reason for cleaning your pod is to prevent the pod from leaking. This could damage the battery of your pod. The charging port of your pod is magnetic and any particles produced as you vape are attracted to this magnet. This means that excessive buildup can affect the metal and cause charging problems.

Materials required

When cleaning your pod, you will require cotton swabs, rubbing alcohol, tweezers, and a microfibre cloth.


The first step involves dry cleaning your Myle pods. You should start by removing the pod and cleaning the surface of the battery using a soft microfibre cloth. Hold the battery of your device upside down and press onto the pins until the liquid inside is fully absorbed.

The next step is to use a cotton swab to remove dirt at the chamber of the pod. If the pod has no visible leaks, then you do not need to proceed to the next step.

Alcohol clean

If you realize that the e-juice is leaking from the cartridge of your device to the pod, it will leave a sticky substance that may need attention. You should do an alcohol clean. Using your cotton swab, dip it in the alcohol to ensure it is moderately damp. Keep the battery inverted and clean around the pins. Use the same method to clean the pod. The last thing to do is to use the dry part of the swab to dry the alcohol residues. You should ensure all of the alcohol evaporates before you go to the next step.


You should ensure the pod is correctly installed in the tank. Return the battery of your device and fill your cartridge with your e-juice. Double-check to ensure that all of the parts of the pods are back to their correct place.


It is important to clean your Myle device to ensure it is in good working condition. When it comes to cleaning your pod, you must use a dry material. However, in the case where the pod is leaking, you should start by using tweezers. Alcohol should only be used if it is the last option.

Avoid using rough materials as they could scratch your pod and make it unsightly. Ensure your pod is completely dry before you use it.  

Written by WHIA Staff Writer Mark Potter