Useful tips for hiring the best web3 developer

Before you start your web3 development project, it is important to find the right developer to do the job. Not all developers have the right skills and experience to create secure and proper blockchain solutions. It is therefore essential to maximise your chances of getting the best developer for your project.

You should start by knowing your goals, why you need a developer, whether you already know anything about developing a blockchain, the amount of oversight needed and your budget.

Knowing the above things will give you a better understanding of what to look for when choosing the right web3 developer. For example, if your blockchain development project is about building a new protocol, you will need to hire a core developer. On the other hand, if you wish to build an off-chain component for your decentralised application, you should consider a blockchain app developer.

Types of web3 developers

Knowing the different types of web3 developers is very important when choosing the right developer. Here are some types of web3 developers:

  • Core blockchain developers

These are developers who develop and maintain the blockchain system’s architecture. They develop security patterns, design protocols and supervise the network. When choosing this type of blockchain developer, you should ensure the developer understands blockchain primitives, blockchain technology, smart contracts, data structures, interoperability, cryptography, and blockchain architecture. They should be knowledgeable about several programming languages. Make sure your prospective web3 development company understands languages such as Go, Python, Java, solidity and so on.

  • Blockchain application developers

These are the types of developers that build apps in existing blockchains. These types of developers handle back-end and front-end development and maintenance. They are suitable for developing applications in exchange, DeFi, Metaverse & NFT, Cross-Chain Bridge, and GameFi & play to learn.

These types of developers work with operating systems and numerous languages. Blockchain application developers should know how to work on the software development process and how to make applications distributed and decentralised. Hiring an app developer with experience in fieldwork with languages such as Java and C++ is essential.

  • Smart contract engineers

These are developers who are responsible for updating or developing smart contracts and ensuring security and smooth flow. They are suitable for developing smart contracts in Metaverse & NFT, DEX, Cross-Chain Bridge, and GameFi & Play to earn.

They should know how to properly write, maintain and review smart contract code written in any programming language such as Rust, Solidity, Haskel and more.

Recruitment strategy

With the above information, getting the right developer should not be difficult. You should know the blockchains the developer has worked with. The right developer should be aware of the industry trends in the industry, vital programming languages, relevant protocols and software development such as the current tools used.

However, your focus should be on the proven experience of web3 development.

The perfect candidate for your project should have at least two years of coding experience. You should therefore do your research to find the right developer.

Written Business Contributor Kate Vosburgh