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Tips for Buying a Great Leather Jacket

Every stylish guy (and girl!) should have a great quality leather jacket in his closet for the cool weather months. Whether you buy your leather jacket in-store or choose to search for leather jackets online, you need to know that this is an investment purchase, and it’s not the time for an impulse buy. A leather jacket for men or women is a classic item and the right style is out there waiting for you to discover it.

A leather jacket is perhaps the most expensive wardrobe item a guy will ever invest in. You want to choose one in a great quality and with timeless style that fits perfectly; doing so will give you a piece that you can wear for decades.

Here are some basic tips for buying the perfect leather jacket:

  1. Choose your Signature Style. There are various styles available in leather jackets, and what suits one guy won’t necessarily suit another. Select a jacket that flatters your body shape; some will make you look slimmer while others will bulk you up.
  • Biker jackets suit taller guys as the zippers and pockets can overwhelm a smaller frame.
  • Bomber jackets are great for guys who are lean but with broad shoulders; guys with a wider mid-section will look larger in a bomber jacket.
  • Lanky or skinny guys should choose a jacket with an elastic waistband to emphasize their upper torso.
  • Guys with a thicker midsection should choose a straight, streamlined jacket with fewer embellishments.
  • Fit is Crucial. A great leather jacket will fit you like a second skin and be comfortable. It should allow for a jumper to fit underneath. Good quality jackets will have armholes that are cut high, with room to move your arms freely
  • Choose the Right Colour. This needs to match what you already have in your wardrobe, so it can be worn with as much as possible. If most of your clothing is bright, pastel, or black and white, choose a black jacket. Black jackets will also work best with both casual and business wear. If, instead, your clothing tends towards earthy hues like beige, tan, and brown, then choose a brown leather jacket. Other colours should only be chosen if you’re comfortable wearing them.
  • Sleeves should reach but not extend beyond the wrist.
  • Length. The jacket should end at your natural waistline (longer cuts may appear shapeless.
  • Leather Type. Leather comes in many forms.
  • Lambskin is soft, sleek, light and glossy
  • Cowhide is perfect for outdoors in cold weather or riding a motorcycle
  • Calfskin is soft and pliable but less durable long-term
  • Goatskin is soft, durable, and very water-repellant

The tanning process also impacts look and feel of the leather you get.

Shop at a quality store, online or in person, for premium quality, stylish leather jackets and find the perfect one to last you for life.

Written by Luke Bonaventura, Staff Writer at