Rubbish Removal – Different Types of Rubbish

When choosing the right provider for rubbish removal, it is important to know that rubbish is broken down into different types. It is useful for you to know what is piling up in your driveway or yard, or at your business premises, because that will affect how to remove it.

The type of rubbish you have will determine whether it will be a trip to the dump, a recycling facility, or whether you will need to hire a professional company to remove the rubbish.

Here are some of the most common types of garbage you need to know about.

Solid or liquid household waste

Solid or liquid household waste can be called black bag waste or municipal waste, and it is a type of general household waste we all have in our homes. The waste can either be solid or liquid.

Hazardous waste

This type of waste is regulated by the government. It includes dangerous mercury, pharmaceuticals, some paints, solvents and aerosols, asbestos, and more. Hazardous waste may be toxic, inflammable, reactive, or corrosive. It can create public health issues if improperly dumped.

Clinical or medical waste

This type of waste is also known as biohazardous waste and it is produced at hospitals, clinics, healthcare centres, vets, and more. It also includes hypodermic needles and other sharps. Clinical or medical waste may also be found at home or in your business and must be disposed of appropriately.

Electrical waste

This is another type of waste that might require a professional rubbish removal company to remove. Electrical waste is also known as e-waste and it is waste generated from electrical devices such as computer parts, computers, printers, music players, DVDs, telephones, TVs, and vacuum cleaners. These types of waste may contain toxic metals like mercury, brominated flame retardants, cadmium, etc. These materials are harmful to both the environment and humans, however, many can be reclaimed through specialized recycling practices.

Recyclable waste

This type of waste can be converted into reusable materials. They are commonly found in business and household garbage including cardboard, paper, beverage cans, metal, glass and food containers. It also includes items such as batteries and light bulbs.

Some people make the mistake of throwing this type of garbage into landfill or even burning it. The best way to go about disposing of these is to find a recycling plant and ask them if they can take your waste for recycling. Some plants will take your waste for free, while others will pay you. Others may also require you to pay them to recycle your waste.

Demolition and construction debris

These are usually weighty and bulky materials, generated during renovation and construction projects. This waste may include materials such as plumbing fixtures, ceiling tiles, wood, carpeting, bricks, concrete, fill dirt, and so on.

Green waste

Green waste is comprised of landscaping waste and food, which breaks down naturally under the right conditions. Green waste includes weed clippings, grass, branches, tree limbs, leaves, waste from bread, grains and vegetable produce and paper products.

These are the main types of garbage that a rubbish removal company can remove for you. Knowing the type of waste you have will be a basis on which you can choose the right provider and eliminate your garbage in the most sustainable way.

Written by Guest Business Contributor Adam Leath