Laser Hair removal

Pre and aftercare for laser hair removal treatment

Before you perform at-home laser hair removal, it is important to know the pre- and aftercare for laser hair treatment. These will help you get the most from your treatment. You need to understand how to take care of your skin both before and after treatment, including everything you should avoid.

Taking good care of your skin is very important for your comfort and safety, as well as to ensure the laser hair treatment is effective.


  • Before undertaking your laser treatment session, it is important to shave (but not wax!) the area you intend to treat. Do this at least twelve hours before the laser treatment.
  • It is also important to wear loose-fitting clothes during that day.
  • Avoid smoking or drinking alcohol the night before your treatment and on the day of treatment.
  • You should also ensure you drink at least one litre of water a day before your laser hair removal and also on the day of treatment. This will keep your body hydrated and help it to regulate its temperature.
  • If you are doing at-home treatment, it is important to ensure you relax beforehand. Do not exercise prior. You need to avoid using cosmetic products, including moisturisers, to the treatment area and keep the treatment area clean and dry.
  • Do not perform at home laser hair removal on skin that has recently been exposed to the sun, UV tanning lights, or self-tanning products.


  • After any laser, including Brazilian home laser hair removal treatment, you must avoid exposing your skin to UV light (including the sun) or self-tanning products for at least two weeks. This will reduce darkening of the skin.
  • You should also avoid steam rooms, spas and other types of heat treatments for seven days.
  • Do not apply pressure to the skin for four to five days, or exfoliating or scrubbing your skin. This will allow the treated area to recover and will also prevent infections.
  • You need to avoid shaving the area for seventy-two hours after treatment and avoid exercising for at least two days. Do not take hot showers and hot baths for 48 hours. Stay away from anything that involves chorine such as swimming for two days.
  • Do not apply make-up on the treated skin for at least two days, and also avoid applying perfumed products.
  • Do not scratch the treated area if crusting or blistering occurs, since this can cause scarring. Seek medical advice if you experience irritation or damage to your skin.
  • Do not wax, tweeze, or thread the area for the complete duration of the laser treatment course.

What to do between treatment sessions

You should apply an ice pack to the area to reduce discomfort, irritation or pain. Apply calming creams for at least three days after the laser hair removal treatment, and wear loose clothes to avoid friction on the area.

Keep the treated area dry and clean for 48 hours. Make sure you drink a lot of water and use sunscreen whenever you are going to be in the sun. Doing this will ensure you get the most from your at home laser hair removal.

Written by Health Guest Contributor Domenica Francis.