Different Types of Plumbers

A local plumber is a tradesperson who installs and repairs fittings of heating systems, water supply, pipes, and sanitation. You may have called plumbers at some point in your life because everyone can have broken pipes, a clogged drain, a leaking sink, dripping taps, a blocked toilet, a broken hot water system, or any other plumbing problems without warning. But are you going to call the same plumber who repairs broken pipes to fix your water heater?

Plumbing is a general term that encompasses a lot of jobs. Every job requires a different skillset. Plumbers who are experts at unclogging drains may not be as good at repairing pipes or fixing heating systems. This means that when you are looking to hire a plumber, you need to consider the different types of plumbers available.

When it comes to plumbing services, there are significant differences between different types of plumbing – hence the skills required for each type of plumbing are different.

The very best plumber for your needs will ideally be an all-rounder who does it all!

Commercial plumbers

A commercial plumber is a skilled and qualified professional who works in large commercial, retail, or industrial settings. He or she is skilled to work in industry settings like universities, schools, large shopping malls, factories, hospitals, and other commercial premises. Commercial plumbers are responsible for the installation, maintenance, and repair of tanks and pipes in industrial and commercial buildings.

Plumbers who are specialised in one type of job aren’t necessarily able to do plumbing activities where different technicalities and skillsets are involved. For example, if residential plumbers have to do a plumbing job in factories and commercial buildings, they won’t automatically be able to do the job as accurately as a commercial plumber would.

Residential plumbers

These are plumbing professionals who deal with plumbing problems in homes. The plumbers gain training and experience by working on residential jobs such as housing schemes, new construction sites, and home renovations. Residential plumbers mostly acquire their skill set by working under an umbrella of plumbers that are experienced and getting hands-on experience.

A residential plumber carries out procedures of pipe system installations in housing blocks and residential homes. They are involved in residential plumbing jobs and don’t necessarily do commercial plumbing projects as well. Residential plumbers are mainly involved and responsible for ensuring the water systems, toilets, and pipes in homes are functioning efficiently. They repair and maintain these plumbing systems and keep them running efficiently.

Service and repair plumbers

Service repair plumbers are experts who are mostly hired for maintenance and repairs of plumbing systems in commercial businesses and homes. The repair plumbers get technical training and are experienced in fixing plumbing issues and solving plumbing problems. They are experts in doing jobs like fixing leakages, reduced pressure, servicing and cleaning. Service and repair plumbers also specialise in fixing regular clogging and leakage issues.

Types of plumbers on the basis of the type of job

You can also hire a local plumber depending on the type of job he or she does. Types of specalist plumbers on this basis include sanitary plumbers and water supply plumbers.

The ideal local plumber will be able to service all of your plumbing needs – for jobs large and small.

Written by Lee Newton