Organic wine

Buy Organic Wine – Order Online!

The internet is used for everything these days, including placing an organic wine online order. People buy their food, general groceries, books, clothing, shoes, accessories, stationery, gifts, and much more online. People date online, they socialise online, they buy their holidays online. And so, why not buy wine online too? It makes perfect sense to do this. It is convenient, it is cost-effective, and you get access to some fabulous wines too.

Selection of online wine

When you buy wine online in Australia, you have an excellent selection. You get to choose which wine store you want to use, and many of the boutique wine stores and vineyards have an online presence and online shop. The range and variety of wine available to you online is immense. It does make sense to use a specialist wine store, one that also sells organic & natural wine, so that your selection is easier. You can ask for help with the wines you are interested in and get expert recommendations.

What about an online wine subscription?

We love the idea of an online wine subscription and this is for all kinds of wine, including natural and organic wines. When you belong to a wine club, or you have a wine subscription, you don’t usually pay any extra for this. You get the newsletters and up-to-date information on the different wines and vineyards; you get access to new-to-the-market wines; you learn more about wine! You can also get a certain number of bottles of wine delivered to you, every month.

Gift a wine subscription

If you have friends who enjoy wine, or who are starting to learn about wine, then a wine subscription is a beautiful idea. It’s a gift that is thoughtful and packs a big punch. You can choose to have wine delivered to them as often as you want, or as a once-off delivery. If you are unsure what wines to choose, use a boutique wine store or winery online, and ask them to choose for you. A subscription generally means that the store chooses wines, introducing you or your friends to new tastes, but also, to the flavours you love.

Costs of wine delivery

Just like when you order food, groceries, books, shoes or gifts online, there is generally a minimum order if you want free delivery. We would suggest that you check with the wine store that you are using re- a delivery fee. If you get a wine subscription and arrange to have wine delivered monthly, it is pretty unlikely that you will pay any extra delivery fee at all. Always check with the store.

So when you want a natural or organic wine, order online in Australia, choose a specialist wine store or boutique winery or cellar door, and get your wines delivered regularly. Cheers!

Written by Guest Contributor Sandra Krol.