All you need to know about types of car scratches

Before you pick up the phone and contact a mobile car scratch repair specialist, you should know the type of scratch you are dealing with. Scratches are frustrating for car owners. Nobody who loves and values their car can tolerate scratches and scratches diminish your vehicle’s appearance and resale value.

Before we address how to get your scratches fixed, you should understand everything you need to know about the different types of scratches a vehicle can get. Each type of scratch has a different treatment so, without wasting time, let us understand the different types of scratches.

Mobile Car Paint Repair – Types of Scratches

  • Clearcoat scratch

The clearcoat is a very thin layer that protects the paint of your car from environmental issues such as pollution, salt air, direct exposure to sunlight, and dust. If the scratch affects the clear coat only, then you don’t have to worry too much because you can easily fix it. This is the easiest paint damage problem you can fix on a vehicle.

  • Primer scratch

Primers are protective layers added to the body of your vehicle to give it a shiny, smooth surface. If scratches cut through the clear coat and affect the primer coating, the paint will be damaged and there will be a slight chance of rusting if you do not take any protective measures quite promptly. This requires more expertise and time to fix.

  • Paint scratch

The above-paint damage can be easily fixed, but paint scratches require a mobile car paint repair specialist if you want the job to be done properly and professionally. When a scratch goes deep up to the metal sheet, it will be harder to fix.

Some of the common causes of paint scratches include sharp and hard objects such as keys and stones scratching the car, hits from shopping trolleys, and as a  result of motor accidents. You should take recommended measures as soon as possible to avoid major consequences of a paint scratch.

Getting rid of scratches

There are different methods used to remove scratches. The method you use should depend on the severity level of the problem. If it is a minor clearcoat or primer scratch, you can easily remove it at home using several methods discussed below.

  • Rubbing compound

You can easily judge a simple surface scratch using your fingernail. If your fingernail is unable to catch it then the scratch can be removed using a rubbing compound. You should first wash the affected area using soapy water and clean it using a microfibre cloth. Using a buffing pad, apply a small amount of rubbing compound. Aggressively rub the compound into the area in a circular motion. Only apply little pressure as you rub. You need to remove the scratch and then wash the area. Leave it to air dry.

Scratch repair kit

If the scratch is not serious, you don’t have to call a mobile car scratch repair professional. You can use the repair kit to fix the damage. The kit comes with a scratch removal solution and buffing pad. The surface should be washed and dried with a microfiber cloth. Use the buffing pad to rub a small amount of solution.

If you are not satisfied with the results, or for deeper or more serious scratches, call a repair specialist.

Written by Guest Lifestyle Contributor Jai Munyovi.